Wonderful Future Has Come

Temir Umurzakov · July 10, 2021

Recently on one of my side projects the time came to start MVP to prove hypothesis. I needed a solution to fast start without my own infrastructure and decided to deploy the project to the cloud. Using kubernetes on a daily basis made me too lazy to use ordinary virtual machines so I glanced at managed kubernetes services.

There are several competitors:

  • GKE with 300$ for 90 days (0.1$ per hour ~ 75$ per month)
  • Azure with 200$ for 30 days (0.1$ per hour ~75$ per month)
  • DigitalOcean for 200$ for 60 days (40$ for 2nodes per month)
  • IBM for 200$ for 60days (0.29$ per hour ~ 208$ per month 😞)
  • Oracle for 300$ for 30 days (~77$ per month)
  • Alibaba ? for free (64.8$ per month)

I started with GKE and after credit comes to end I’ll switch to DO and then to Azure, so I will have at least half a year of free usage before I’ll prove or fail with an idea. Ideal conditions.

GKE bootstrap

  1. Creating a new google account and attaching newly issued card
  2. Activate GKE account
  3. Go to the Kubernetes Engine section in menu
  4. Creating cluster and choosing autopilot option
  5. Downloading gcloud console utility
  6. Following steps on github manual to use in actions
  7. Creating new kubectl context with kubectl config use-context humanway
  8. Fetching GKE credentials with gcloud container clusters get-credentials humanway-1 --project <project> --region <region>, where project and region could be found on the dashboard page of kubernetes cluster in GKE management page.
  9. That’s all, now you can deploy to k8s with helm


Bright future is some, you can with no effort get free computing resources for proof of concept.

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